Summer Portrait

          Summer Portrait No more tears! Save sorrow for later years When no morrow comes with the setting sun. Being well enough cheers most mortal fears Until the better part of days is done. Now is a fantasy when mere breath nears Any titan victory ever won –   A bright […]



Before Thy Day Doth Fade

          Before Thy Day Doth Fade   Today, with all thy heart, Love the bloom that wilts tomorrow. Though from love thou must part, Waste thou not a tear on sorrow. At the sudden onset of night, In the deepening shade, Love thou dearly that precious light, Before thy day doth […]



Across a Field of Clover Running

    Across a Field of Clover Running Across a field of clover running, Through the dew-wet sward I go, Laws of earth and heaven shunning, Through the streams of sunshine flow. Bees on nectarous blossoms dancing, Butterflies upon the wing, Witness all my aimless prancing, Hear the joyful song I sing. Out across the […]



Rose for a Nightingale

        Rose For A Nightingale  Nightingale, thou art not forlorn, Thy sacrifice not made in vain – That hung thy life upon a thorn, And tempered true love with its stain. Purity, thou art not slighted By the spurn of a thankless sway. Thy charity stands unblighted, Though the whole world withers […]



Harvest Moon

          Harvest Moon Most divine eye of night, Keeper of secrets old, Here beneath thy keen sight, What tales must have been told! Thou scorner of the morn, At high nocturnal noon, Here witness on the vine All creatures ever born To rise and swiftly swoon! Bestow thy silver wine! Fair […]




        Jack-o’-lantern There is a shadow in the glass, A spirit in the candle light. There is a ghoul’s sneer in the night, A specter on the window sash. We are not alone in this room! In the jack-o’-lantern’s dim glow Burns a hint of impending doom. Does he know something we […]