A Dragonfly Sits upon a Cattail

          A Dragonfly Sits upon a Cattail   A dragonfly sits upon a cattail, With fairy-woven wings unfurled to sail, Inspecting the world with emerald-orb eyes, Regarding me a while before it flies. Dragonfly, for now we share the same view. Your gaze reflects me, and mine reflects you. Dragonfly, your […]



Counting Sunbeams

I will sing today of the sum of all I see.
I will concede the worth of my conception.
I will bask in the effulgent mystery
Of seeing and being a moment of perception.




Album Silhouettes amidst the fog of past, Misted figures in a photograph, Of life’s gaiety are all that last Beyond the moment of the last laugh. ~ Daniel F Mitchell



With Blooms Such As These

With Blooms Such As These   What gardener’s majestic pride Planted seeds on this mountainside? Whose transcendental essence frees Me to gardens galaxies wide! In buttercups up to my knees, I stopped to watch the honey bees, Drinking deeply of sweet delight, As I drank in the honied breeze. Standing on a heavenly height, I […]