Misconceived Notions of Right

When shall human nature at last perceive
Peaceful coexistence nailed to a cross,
Whose failed ideologies achieve
Little more than retribution and loss!



Here is a Dream to Dream

  Here is a Dream to Dream    Did you ever dream you were free To seek spring in all regions, Wandering earnestly, finding green in all things? Did you ever gain a day of glorious contemplation? In a tulip bud there rings a hue of truth – A sign of making the day not […]



Once Burned

      Once Burned They appear curiously benign; Slender pagoda stalks, Delicate leaves with whiskers silky fine, And a righteous posture that mocks The wise, and welcomes fools To touch, to test the mettle, To discover the rules Of stinging nettle. The nettle demands liberation, Teaches mental self-purification. Once burned, lesson learned. Twice burned, […]



The Breath of God

        The Breath of God Sing away. Float away. Lay a soft whisper in my hair. Upon an ocean fly, Across a sea of endless blue, Across an azure day. A wisp of white upon the air, A fleecy blanket on the sky, The breath of God are you. ~ Daniel F […]




Anubis, are you waiting in the shade,
Watchful until the four quarters align,
Impartial until my heart has been weighed?
You, who mortals and gods dare not malign!



One Twilight Apparition

          One Twilight Apparition Mist-veiled riverside, a place of the low-weeping willows, In that transient space between day and night, In a faded maiden-hair hue of twilight, Stays always, sways and droops on shaded sward pillows, The breeze-hosted eve, Where ghosts conceive A reenactment of a long-ago day. Come from faraway, […]