Walking on Holy Water

        Walking on Holy Water     Do you remember when We followed a stream down through a glen, And found a wheat field growing there Like golden waves of angel hair? And blew a breeze of heaven sent Across the flowing tides of grain. Across an amber sea we went, Across […]



Ballad of the Persimmon Tree

When spirits of autumn through the leaves moan,
Hear the persimmon tree sadly intone
Mournful melodies of days long ago,
When the stingy cuss stayed at his window…



Snapdragons Blooming in the Bower

          Snapdragons Blooming in the Bower   My head clouds as though draped in shrouds of fate;   Shadows wrought by sudden remembered scenes That fill full my heart as with some leaden weight.   In my eye I find no viable means Of extricating joy from this dark hour.   […]



Passing an Old House

        Passing an Old House   Whose house this was, I cannot say, The family has gone away. Yet something lingers in the air, As if to beckon me to stay. The amber rays of evening light Illuminate the chimney’s height, Near set on fire the sagging eave, Give glory to attrition’s […]



O Peace of Night

        O Peace of Night Thou art my love and my longing. Tis of thee I pine the day long, Till twilight to thee comes thronging, And shadows gather for thy song. While errant sunbeams wander, As daylight falls off to sleep, The stars arrive to ponder Thy fields of infinite deep. […]



Visions of Eternity

        Visions of Eternity   Whispers waving grains of this mystery. Dry rasping in golden canes of reeds it sings. On heather it breathes such gentle breaths, And sways green conifers at solstice With powdered wisps of white. In whispers that no years suffice measure, Flow these currents beyond the oceans of […]