Eternal Romance

          Eternal Romance I am in love with death, My only redeemer of breath, My only true lover, His vow like no other – Our betrothal from birth. I shall take him to bed. Forever shall we wed, And elope from this earth. ~ Daniel F Mitchell         […]



Shadow Man

        Shadow Man   There is a shadow man beneath my bed, Waiting there until the night. He fills my waking hours with dread – Anticipation of his fright. He’s waiting there to ambush me, And show me a macabre sight. But the wait to see what it will be Is much […]



Ghost from a Wishing Well

        Ghost from a Wishing Well He strikes at the stroke of midnight, At the last peel of a distant bell, When the dark owl sounds the witching hour, And the laments of the bullfrogs swell. He appears in a moonlit bower, When the rings round the moon are bright, Whispering a […]



Home No More

        Home No More   Home no more! Silence beyond the door! What wayward wind Blows as a host? Which moments sinned Are measured most? To naught entrust What here has passed, When bones are dust, And graves are grassed. ~ Daniel F Mitchell          



Child of Earth

          Child Of Earth   Child of earth, cultivator of the field, Kneeling in worship on the garden floor, Immeasurable by words is your yield – The nature of the nature you adore. With an essence of goodness you are sealed, Your spirit sure as endless evermore. Golden barley in the […]



Bedtime Rhyme

There’s a scullywumper in my closet.
It only comes out at night.
I hear it crack the closet door
When my mother turns out the light.