Fading Alone

          Fading Alone   Darkness traces the lines of my forehead, With shadows draped before these fading eyes As sins that no absolution might shed, Nor penance while in this mortal disguise. I plead guilty to the crime of being, To the city beyond my windowpane, With a blank gaze silently […]



A December Night

        A December Night   On a December night, Hushed and blanketed white, We crunched out across the snow, Pulling our sleds as fast as we could go, The heavenly flakes floating around, Spreading more blanket on the ground, Our pant legs stiff and creaking, We, like wandering shepherds, seeking A sign, […]



Teeth of Winter

        Teeth of Winter   Icicles gnash along the eave, Aligned like rows of icy fangs, A point of bitter luck to grieve. In a balance, cold and hot hangs. Snowflakes, hardened by their chill lot, Put their jagged teeth on display, Their hearts frigid, their tempers hot, Until Spring warms their […]



Firmly Rooted

Firmly Rooted   Ardent vine of mine, wither as all things must! But death shall dull his blade before thou art dust! ~ Daniel F Mitchell



Those Winds

        Those Winds Those winds that blow down southerly, Bring icy air from the northern sea; A wicked, prickly, needle cold That makes the landscape stark and bold, That makes the children cease their play, That makes the birds all fly away, That turns the pines to frosted cones, And skelps the […]



A Snowflake Has Melted in My Eye

Do not believe that I simply cry.
A snowflake has melted in my eye.