A Kite

          A Kite   I saw a kite caught in a tree – A dream I thought belonged to me. I lost one there, some years ago, In autumn wind, before the snow. It left me for an urge to fly, To ride a surge into the sky. I dreamed it […]



La Brea

        La Brea  Bubbling, troubled, multitudes wash Restlessly from ancient depths of slime. Lives lost in the steaming mists of time Swell up on a gurgling burbling swash, Yearning to be free as air, from scum Churning, loosened from their sludgy slum.  Arise, antediluvian hosts! Avaunt forever, primordial ghosts! ~ Daniel F […]




        Snowflake    A silver-white star Cried, "How great we are, Me, myself, and I, Up here in the sky, The quintessence of divinity, Masters of infinity. We are here to stay, While all else melts away."  ~ Daniel F Mitchell          



Allah Smiles Tonight

Allah Smiles Tonight   Allah smiles tonight With a jaundiced eye, Too blind to consider the maxims, Too stingy to bestow a flask of oil To anoint the gaping wounds His scimitar has slashed wide open. Allah’s smile is barbed tonight, Another wakeful night wresting With his magnate bearing, his knavery, Indulgent in the impunity […]



A Last Kiss for Eternity

        A Last Kiss for Eternity   Save the last light for me – That wane spark in your eyes Before you are set free, While in your worldly guise. At the close of your day, At this hour grown so late, Before you slip away To your eternal fate, Let me […]




        Exhortation   Look heavenward, O earthly creation, All souls since time’s foundation! Crawl no more on this lowly floor! Cast thy gaze upward for evermore! Arm in arm, let’s to eternal expansion! Aim for the stars – our celestial mansion!! ~ Daniel F Mitchell