I am Wont

  I Am Wont Bodies which through eternal midnight glide, Riding the tide to alien abodes, Upon these cobblestones of foreign roads, In jaunting flights of fancy I abide. I am wont to think my beginning has an end. Swallow swooping through the evening eaves, Oblivion ash upon the damp air, It grieves me to […]



That Far

          That Far I walked beneath heaven tonight, Stood underneath endless sky, Gazed upon a celestial sight, Looked the gods straight in the eye. Will you longer detain me here, Hide behind a bolted door, Cower under your roof in fear, Damned earthbound for evermore? I would fly if I were […]



Here, Before the Cold Hearth, Weary

    Here, Before the Cold Hearth, Weary     Here, before the cold hearth, weary, I’ve nothing simple words might say To meet the falling night’s inquiry Of moonlight dimming in the bay. Beyond the dripping window pane, Ancient pipers are softly playing Rhythmic notes above the rain, To the gods of tempest praying, […]



One-Eyed King

        One-Eyed King He ruled the alleyway, Behind a Chinese restaurant, Invisible by day, Invincible in his night haunt – His kingdom of trash bins. He was a stalwart defender, A magnate of fish fins, Banishing any pretender To his egg foo young crown. Many cats had challenged his rule, Only to […]



Where I Am Sown

          Where I Am Sown   Blessed be the flower of hope – That sprouts roots in any soil, With all weather willing to cope, To reap the reward of toil! I will feast on any table. I will grow what can be grown. I will bud as I am able. […]



Across a Field of Clover Running

            Across a Field of Clover Running Across a field of clover running, Through the dew-wet sward I go, Laws of earth and heaven shunning, Through the streams of sunshine flow. Bees on nectarous blossoms dancing, Butterflies upon the wing, Witness all my aimless prancing, Hear the joyful song I […]