Sad and Sleepy Twilight

Sad and Sleepy Twilight   Sad and sleepy twilight, Lie your head upon the breast of night. Weary time has come and gone. Pillow your soul on tranquility. Make your bed a starry flight. Beneath a blanket of eternity, Slumber until dawn. Slumber until dawn. ~ Daniel F Mitchell



Pressed Rose

        Pressed Rose   Take heart, red rose Pressed into love’s device Between the leaves of forgotten prose. Now that passion cannot suffice, Your withered bloom is redressed In the memory you harbor. Your perfume is expressed Far beyond that summer arbor. ~ Daniel F Mitchell        



On the Highest Plain

  On the Highest Plain That all my mortal strivings are in vain, Is the aspect of a most bitter bane, Whose poison all aspirations detain In a prison of ignorance and pain. I long to be as my spirit esteems; Abiding in the concepts of my dreams. Let tranquility be my sole refrain – […]



Praying Mantis

        Praying Mantis   She kneels before the judgment chair, Arms folded in reverent prayer, In the heart of her saintly lair. A pilgrim passes by in quest, Is fast transfigured in her nest, As lay against her loving breast. ~ Daniel F Mitchell          




          Wanderlust These city walls suppress my breath! Within a world shaded with doom, The living live a waking death, Trapped within an airless tomb. But my wild eyes refuse to see. My mind resides on passing clouds. I long to run from misery, Far from the maddening crowds! With the […]




             Pattaya   Pattaya, I am breathless for your beat, Sawasdee bleat to my eager ears, The buzz and drone my spirit hears! Succor of sweet voice from alley and door, Warm wave of arms, and tapping feet, And the measured tread of yearning as she nears! Passion, my ship has come to shore! Within […]