To Bathe in Eternal Rain

          To Bathe in Eternal Rain   Do you fear to be free? Are you afraid to fly, To be, but not to be, To be born as you die, To bathe in eternal rain, To wash off this mud, You, clad in pain, Imprisoned in flesh and blood! ~ Daniel […]




Grammar   Grammar brushes back her gray hair, And wags her crooked cane, Directing down a straight and narrow lane All the ideas that pass, Herds them into her Sunday school class, To box their ears, and teach them such fears As needed to keep them square in their pews. Shame on that color, you […]



Montage from a Madman’s Mind

                    Montage from a Madman’s Mind  flashbacks in a supermarket line smell of cottage cheese moronic woman with a magazine ornery usher in a movie theater hey, asshole, leave the kid alone drone of horseflies spring melt at Willow Flats squirrels dodging M-16 bullets cobwebs in […]



Roses Pink

        Roses Pink   Roses pink are the sign of my morning, Symbols of hope for the new-waking day,   Both a greeting of peace and dire warning, That all things pure and precious pass away.   What is death if we know a day of life? What is loss if we […]



Dictate of Oblivion

        Dictate Of Oblivion   O dictate of oblivion, master of eternal never, Almighty judge, omnipotent magnate, Damn my wretched being to fate – This existence expiring in a rush towards forever. Blind are my eyes to all but your face. I await your dreadful kiss, Your utter embrace – Precarious my […]




        Croon   Croon, croon the ancient tune, The loon-note moan the ancients croon. You view the song within the moon, The melody, the meter, the rune. Croon of lost bloom, The soon coming doom. Slowly groan of flesh and bone. Lowly go and croon alone. Swoon long and low at nocturnal […]