I Muse Away

          I Muse Away I muse away, day after day. I pray for god beyond the desert track. I’m not really sure just what to say – Not really sure if I’ll ever get back. In the end, I must depend On my maker as my friend, Or die of thirst […]



Time and Place

Time and Place I sit on the back stairs, leaning against the rail, Gazing up at constellations, Failing to see any I know a name for. But I have seen nameless stellar nations before, That rise and fall. I shall never see them all. Yet, I know that I am here, and they are there. […]



To The Victor

      To The Victor   Death, I defy thee! My passionate breath Warms thy sunless embrace. Taste defeat then, You uncompromising fiend, For I rebuke thee! My victory is won Before I have lost, For I have lived! And eternity’s darkness Cannot erase the mark My soul has engraved upon it. ~ Daniel […]



Someone Painted Stars

        Someone Painted Stars   Someone painted stars on the ceiling. Someone put lights into the sky. Someone made little points of healing, And hung them for a poet’s eye. Inside, I have a warm feeling That someone with incredible might Painted all those stars on the ceiling, So that we would […]



The Fifth Element

          The Fifth Element   Life is bright with this dreamy light – Heart of fire, water, wind, and earth – A faint sheen of prismatic white That suffuses muscadine mirth Into inert bodies of mud. What might animates flesh and blood! Perchance an element abides, A fifth part of the […]