In The Day of No More Days

        In the Day of No More Days   In the day of no more days, When flames of thought, high and hot, Burn the vessel of clay to naught, And forever in my mind arrays, In the culminating hour, When darkness and light share an opinion, When time loses all dominion, […]



Life is but Once

          Life Is But Once   Where are you going? What do you think shall come of you? Time is quickly slowing. Do you think your dream will come true? I know that today Is more certain than tomorrow. And who can truly say That happiness outlives sorrow? Don’t wait for […]



Rosen Arbor

          The Rosen Arbor Stand beneath the rosen arbor tonight, Harbored in a sanctuary of love, Within a lattice of silver moonlight, And bask in ardor showered from above. Out beyond the sleeping grass, shadows drape Branches barren and bereft of bird song, To the weeping gaze void of will or […]