Can You Take Me Higher?

        Can You Take Me Higher?  Can you take me higher, To a castle in the sky, Fulfill my desire To sprout silken wings and fly? Can you take me higher, Nigh unto the morning star, With your look inspire Me to glide where fairies are? Take me to eternal rest, Where […]



Masters of Space

          Masters of Space I have stood on the bloodied fields of war, And gazed upon the legions of peace, Whose tongues shall cry for liberty no more, Whose souls no longer seek for death’s release. I have seen the fallen champions of truth, Their hearts and minds stripped naked to […]



Until I Sleep

  Until I Sleep   Can you hear my heart weeping? Can you feel my soul seeping away? I cannot stay. The night is deep. Hold me close, until I sleep. ~ Daniel F Mitchell  



Echoes of Past Voices

  Echoes of Past Voices   Overhead the setting sun hangs motionless upon the sky, Thinking of the scenes it shined on yesterday – Time that passed away in wisps like smoke before a blinking eye, The who and why just left along the way. I stand before the rising tide, and cast my gaze […]