Calamity Sing, unspeakable choirs of perdition. Stay not thy pernicious hand. Keep thy blood-corrupted threat. Mow an awful harvest. Lay low the heavens in contrition. Make irrevocable reprimand. Forge the foundations of eternal regret. Kindle sulfurous hell. The luminaries, of light divest. Place the first last, and the last first. […]




          Haunting Behind a cloud-veil hidden, The stars turned their gaze away From scenes in heaven forbidden – A parable of dismay. Woe was she! And for what yearning? Such that she could not see Beyond the fire of her soul burning. Stately proceeded the lady of night, Shadow-shrouded her dark […]



Spirits of the Mist

        Spirits of the Mist   Does anyone see me floating here? It seems I’ve become lighter than air. There is no need to feel fear. I just came to ask if you care Enough to tell me how to go. I want to pass on, But I don’t know where. Listen, […]




          Bones   I love to eat bones. They taste like scones. I love to munch and crunch At a midnight lunch. They taste better by night Than they do by day. And they’re best eaten When the flesh is all rotted away. If you’re lacking chow, I’ll tell you how […]



The One True Word

          The One True Word   Song of the lich owl, Serenading banshee’s howl, Wind in the church gate yearning, Corpse-candle brightly burning, The late night comet’s dearth, Those silent mounds of earth, The shadow man on the moon, All speak the one true word. Haven’t you already heard? Listen carefully […]




          Prophecy On the unsheathed falchion of divine leave Death coils his merciless fingers of ice, With a broad sweep of his falciform sleeve, Reaps a swath of souls unto his device. The virtuous, along with the tainted, To utter oblivion are fated. And naught but time and darkness is sainted, […]