Gardens of my Dreams

  Gardens of my Dreams In my dream, I dreamed we dream That what we see is what we deem To be real – we esteem as truth. I had visions of endless youth, Of daisies in a sunbeam, Of sun beaming from my eyes, Of perfume-scented skies, Of blossoms blooming in a kiss On […]



Forgive Me Teacher

          Forgive Me, Teacher Forgive me, teacher – your wayward student,   Belatedly returned to the straight track. Would that your wisdom might judge prudent   Reassessment, now that I have come back. Though woefully late to heed guidance spurned!   And all my textbooks long rendered to dust! I was […]



We Die Alone

          We Die Alone   We die alone, But not lonely. We shed flesh and bone, But flesh and bone only. In your soul you know That I go where you go, Where myriads have trod before, Shod in wonder for evermore, Clad in the armor of existence, Basking in eternal […]



When I Close My Eyes Forever

          When I Close My Eyes Forever When I close my eyes forever To awareness of all I deem real, All my ties with sensation sever, And in blackness the pact with fate seal, When I take as my mate, for better or worse, Oblivion, whore of being, Bind my soul […]