Myung Ji

          Myung Ji She sat in class tranquilly. But I saw a razor blade pass between her lips. The text said those who cry for help don’t really want to die. But sometimes they try, and succeed. I’m sorry, Myung Ji. Good bye. ~ Daniel F Mitchell        



All Hallow’s Eve

          All Hallow’s Eve ‘Tis from the hollow, mists arise To drift beneath the autumn skies, To usher in a dark surprise – The night of righteousness’ demise. Upon the rising moon they spread, Like shrouds upon the waking dead, The trappings of a silver bed, From which all evil things […]



Tonight is the Night for Waking

          Tonight Is The Night For Waking   Tonight is the night for waking, When yesteryear and forever align. Tonight the seal of sleep is breaking, And restless souls from darkness shine. Do you hear the gravestones quaking? Do you see the glowing light? Do you feel the ground beneath you […]



Waiting for the Worms

          Waiting For The Worms Waiting for the worms and the mold! Waiting for these bones to grow old! Time is festering like a pox. They will pack me away, Quite force me to stay, In the hold of a dark pine box. Waiting for the worms and decay! Waiting for […]



Dry Leaf

          Dry Leaf Oh, dry leaf, insignificant and transient, Formed so, and abandoned so, That your passing should have a fixed course, That your rustling might linger for a time more, That remembrance of your passing might linger, This is the core want of my substance. This is the dire need […]